Judah Campbell Fundraising Event

February 02 2014

Judah Campbell - Kelowna Crows

Judah Campbell Fundraising Games: Canada U20 v Ravens and Ultra 7s: Archived Full Match Video and The Story Behind the Story

posted Feb 2 2014
[ed. comments below. Donate online at donate.rugbycanada.ca/e/judahcampbell]

This was a case of the cause being more important than the results, particularly in the Ultra 7s match. The Dog River Howlers team was comprised of Vancouver Island players who had played for the Howlers in the past versus a team of Vancouver Island players who had not previously played for the Howlers.

In the end the Howler's Island team prevailed 67-54. I suspect whichever team had Robin MacDowell playing for them would have won, he was easily the best player on the field. A testament to the fitness of the young 35, former national team player. Justin Douglas' brother Jared Douglas was also impressive and showed some of his brother's speed. I'm surprised he hasn't been looked at for the Maple Leafs at least. Johnny Morris and Doug Fraser stood out for the Tide. In the earlier game the Ravens prevailed over a slow starting Canada U20 team. After giving up an early 17-0 lead the Canada U20 played themselves back into the game and narrowly lost 29-24. The full Canada U20 match report from Rugby Canada is appended below.

The match videos and program are appended below but first I'd like to thank all the people involved. A sentiment shared by Judah.

Hi Mark, thank you guys so much for doing that. It was great to be able to watch the game and what a game it was. A lot of tries going back and forth. The event was awesome and it sounded like everyone was enjoying themselves. I really want to thank everyone involved in making that game happen on my behalf. Could you either forward my email or give me theirs, so I can thank everyone.



First up John Lyall and Andrew Spray from the VIRU deserve recognition, they did the brunt of the organizing work. The third member of the VIRU team was John Wrafter providing financial guidance and advice. Karl Fix of the Dog River Howlers supported the concept from the beginning and organized the Howlers. The coaches Ken Goodland and Shane Thompson made sure we had teams to make an entertaining match. Tom Woods did a magnificent job on the play by play announcing. Spencer Robinson did an admirable job on the public address announcing. Murk Toorenburgh and his Ebb Tide teammates who collected admission donations. Kudos to the players who participated (names in program) and the fans who showed up and made donations to support the cause. The city of Langford who donated the stadium rental, Rugby Canada who aligned their U20 game with the event, and the other sponsors who donated money or services (they are recognized in the program below).

A favourite story I'll remember from the event revolves around getting the streaming equipment to Victoria. Jesse from ViaSport in Vancouver committed to lend us the equipment. At first his assistant was going to come over to run it but on Friday bowed out and the streaming was in jeopardy. Jesse offered that if we could pick up the equipment that afternoon and get it to Victoria, the loan offer was still valid. Enter the rugby community, in particular, Jamie Pitblado and Troy MacDonald. Jamie walked down from his BC Lions office to pick up the equipment on Burrard and get it to Helijet on Waterfront St. Troy MacDonald offered the services of his company Helijet to get it to Victoria. So in a few hours we went from little hope to equipment arriving in Victoria. Thank you gentlemen.

It didn't end there though, I showed up at the stadium at 3pm and the plug and play box wouldn't stream. I sent an SOS to Jesse who having just come out from a wedding rehearsal, and risked losing some big points with the future Mrs Jesse, spent 2 hours on the phone with me. We tried everything, short of taking the box apart and redesigning it. Finally as the whistle was about to blow and worried visits from John, Tom and fans who had promised the stream to absent family - a small miracle happened and the box started working. We had installed a script as a last resort into the box and that did the trick. I rushed out with the camera and tripod, taking shots of the roof along the way, Tom rushed up from the seats seeing the camera... and it was show time. Tom was a real pro operating the camera and doing the play by play in the first half while I secured the equipment and checked the stream. In the second half I took over the camera and Tom concentrated on the play by play announcing. Besides the battery fail at 20 minutes, it all went smoothly for the next 2.5 hours.

So that about sums up the story of the behind the scenes action. Again thanks to everyone involved, players, fans and organizers.

Match Video

This is the first 20 minutes after we finally, after 2 hours of online support, got the streaming box to work.

In the rush we had forgot to plug in the AC adapter, the battery died but we got the AC hooked up, restarted the stream and it was solid from the next 2.5 hours.

Judah Campbell Fundraiser program with lineups


Canada’s Under-20 men’s team took its first official step toward the 2014 Junior World Rugby Trophy in Hong Kong on Saturday (Feb. 1) with an exhibition match against Vancouver’s UBC Old Boy Ravens at Westhills Stadium in Langford, home of the Rugby Canada Centre of Excellence.

The two-part evening event was a fundraiser for Kelowna’s Judah Campbell, who suffered a life changing neck injury during a rugby game in October. The U20 match was followed by an Ultra Sevens game between the historic Vancouver Island representative Crimson Tide team and a locally-brewed version of Saskatchewan’s Dog River Howlers, with proceeds from the gate, merchandise and 50-50 tickets sold in support of Campbell.

The older, more experienced Ravens of the B.C. Rugby Union premier league hit out early against the newly assembled Canadian youngsters and burst ahead with a 17-0 lead in the first 13 minutes, only to hold on to a narrow 29-24 win in front of a solid gathering of fans.

There were ups and downs for the Canadian youngsters who played as a team for the first time.

“The score line was never a factor in this game,” said National Academy Program Manager, Mike Shelley, coach of the U20 team. “We set some parameters out to play with, we were rusty on the team stuff with holes in our defence, which let (the Ravens) get a few points on the board, but some of our stuff was outstanding.

“It’s our first game together and we’re playing a team that’s been assembled since September.”

UBC jumped ahead 17-0 in the first 13 minutes on tries by Luke Gaskin and U20 candidate Matt Law, with two conversions and a penalty goal by Old Boy’s fly half Cameron Johnson.

Canada’s first try came from winger Kainoa Lloyd (Queen’s University) at the 25-minute mark. On the ensuing Canadian possession centre Nathan Yanagiya (UVic Vikes), a man of the match candidate, pulled through the Ravens’ line at centre and scampered 45 metres only to have his try attempt held up.

The Ravens then ran in once more as fullback Shea O’Hallahan scored to make it 24-5 at halftime.

But the Canadians came out storming to start the second half.

Centre Joe Erlic (UVic Vikes) blasted down the left side for a try five minutes in. Canada’s next possession produced a line break as scrum half James Pitblado took a pass with speed into the right corner and chipped it ahead where fullback Fergus Hall (UVic Vikes) caught it at five meters out and touched it down.

Fly half Adam McQueen (Queen’s) converted both tries to pull Canada to within 24-19.

The raid by Canada nearly continued as McQueen came within inches of chipping it to himself on an ensuing line break only to have the ball pushed away by a Raven.

Even with another UBC score to make it 29-19 the U20 squad didn’t let up.

Promising winger Charles DeBove (SABRFC) out of Montreal scored a late try for Canada with less than two minutes left to make it 29-24. And that was how it ended.

The U20 team will play the UVic Vikes next weekend with the date and time to be announced soon.

“These two games are about how we look at all the players in the squad and to assess them in a game situation for a chance to make the final squad,” Shelley said.

Canada will take 26 players to the Junior World Rugby Trophy in Hong Kong, which runs from April 7 to 19. With about 10 players returning from last year’s team, and a few spots already shored up, there are still a few places open for players competing this upcoming weekend when the U20’s face UVic.

“We have a lot of players in the squad vying for Junior World Trophy Places, and this gives us a chance to let each individual know what they need to do to get in the final squad,” Shelley said.

“The difference tonight was that we played against a team that has been assembled a lot longer than ours, you can tell there’s some very talented players for a U20 team, and that once we’ve had a bit more time together. Hopefully get on a tour and spend some real time focusing on our team stuff that we’ve got some individual skill to really do well this year.”

Returning centre Nathan Yanagiya, who played in the 2013 JWRT final versus Italy, was a force, breaking through the UBC Old Boy Raven’s line multiple times.

“Last year we lost the first game we played, which was against the UVic Vikes, and nobody gave us much hope but we’d never played together,” Yanagiya said. “Then we went to Chile (for the JWRT) and finished second. Once we start playing more together we’ll be a lot better.”


1 - Djustice Sears-Duru- Oakville ON (Castaway Wanderers/Ontario Blues)
2 - Sawyer Herron- Oakville ON (UVic Vikes)
3 - Liam Beaulieu-South Surrey BC (Bayside Sharks)
4 - Josh larsen- Paihia NZ (JBAA)
5 - Connor Hamilton – Vancouver BC (UBC)
6 - Reid Tucker – Victoria BC (UVic Vikes)
7 - Jack Smith – Lakefield ON (JBAA)
8 - Hadyn Evans- Terrace BC (UVic Vikes)
9 - James Pitblado – Vancouver BC (UVic Vikes)
10 - Adam McQueen- Banff AB (Queen's University/Prarie Wolfpack)
11 - Charles Debove- Montreal QC (SABRFC)
12 - Joe Erlic - (UVic Vikes)
13 - Nathan Yanagiya – North Vancovuer (UVic Vikes)
14 - Kainoa Lloyd- Etobicoke (Queens University)
15 - Fergus Hall – Victoria BC (UVic Vikes)
16 - Conor Mullen – Ottawa ON
17 - Macbryan Bos – Victoria BC (UVic Vikes)
18 - Jake Chawhan - Ottawa ON (Vancouver Rowing Club)
19 - Max Van Dijk- Oakville ON (Guelph University)
20 - Josh Hotchkiss – Calgary AB (Hornets RC)
21 - Graham Dobbs – Toronto ON (MacMaster University)
22 - Michael Nieuwenhyusen – Brampton ON (Bramptom RFC)


1 Alex O'donnell
2 Matt Harrison
3 Garett Garbe. Cpt
4 David Balcolm
5 Callum Morrison
6 Luke Gaskin
7 Nick Waggot
8 Tom Mckeen
9 Westin Hill
10 Cameron Johnston
11 Daniel Pettelier
12 Zach Wittenberg
13 Kol Henrikson
14 Matt Law
15 Shea O'Hallahan
16 Joe Franny
17 Guido Sauz
18 Scott Gauer
19 Sam Fowler
20 Douglas Delmonico
21 Nathan Olsen
22 Hanani Kanter
23 Patty Watson

Rugby Night in Victoria! Double Header Canada U20 vs UBCOB Ravens and ULTRA 7s Vancouver Island Tide vs Dog River Howlers

posted Jan 30 2014
[ed. comments below]

You won't get better entertainment value for a great cause anywhere else, guaranteed. Three hours of top rugby, the dulcet tones of Spencer Robinson as the PA announcer, and a chance to support a rugby brother who had a horrific accident while playing rugby. You all know the story of Judah Campbell by now if you've been following BCRN. Judah can explain in his own words:

"As some of you might know on October 5th, 2013 I suffered I broken C4/C5 vertebrae and spinal cord injury during play. Since then I have been busy with rehabilitation and have had a remarkable recovery so far. I would like to thank all the fans and players of the Ultra 7’s, the Dog River Howlers, and the VIRU. The support I have received is overwhelming and cannot thank everyone enough. I am sorry I could not make it to the event, but hope you all enjoy the game."

We'll be streaming the game live and Judah and family will be watching so hoping to have a good crowd there. We're bringing in the streaming equipment from Vancouver and a technician has volunteered their time but we need announcers for the game, also a camera operator. We could have paid someone but the point is to raise money so we need volunteers. If interested contact Mark at editor@bcrugbynews.com. Also if you're interested in playing and haven't been put in the loop contact John Lyall of the VIRU at johnlyall4@gmail.com. It's the first Ultra 7s game in BC, an hour of 7s rugby with unlimited subs, should be very entertaining from a player's or fan's perspective.

There will be beer sold in the stadium, no alcohol will be allowed to be brought in and there will be security checking at the gate.

Admission is by donation, and the suggested amount is $10 per adult (kids free), students $5.

5pm Stadium is open
5:30pm Canada U20 vs UBCOB Ravens kickoff
7:00pm Ultra 7s Vancouver Island vs Dog River Howlers kickoff
Afterwards to the CW clubhouse on Discovery for presentations and beverages

We'll post lineups on Friday. Facebook page is www.facebook.com/JudahCampbellUltra7s

Canada U20 Update - Preparation Starts with Game This Saturday at Westhills: Part of Judah Campbell Fundraising Event

Rugby Canada press release
posted Jan 28 2014

Canada’s Under-20 men’s team have begun training at the Canadian Rugby Center of Excellence (COE) in Langford, BC in preparation for the 2014 Junior World Rugby Trophy (JWRT) in Hong Kong this April. Canada’s best U-20 hopefuls are training twice a week under the National Academy Program Manager, Mike Shelley and members of Rugby Canada’s High Performance Staff.

The team has centralized in British Columbia bringing players from across the country out west so they are able to maximize their training during the winter months. A number of the athletes are living, training and studying in Victoria, while others are based in Vancouver. The players meet at Westhills Stadium in Langford for training on Mondays and Tuesdays each week where they participate in two on field and two weight room sessions together as a team.

Although the world-class training environment has been made available, it is up to each player to attend. So far the turn out has proved the commitment of the team as a whole. There are plenty of benefits to be able to train with a full squad, especially leading up to what is looking to be like an exciting season for the Under-20 men.

“It’s a great opportunity for the team to bond and be able to play as one when the time comes for them to step on the field,” said Shelley from Langford.

“They have showed their commitment to this team by showing up every week. We host the training, but they show up and do the work.”

Canada to compete in two-game series; Judah Campbell Fundraiser Announced

To expose the players to a higher level of performance, Shelley has announced a two game series against British Columbia Rugby Union Premier Teams. These games will be in preparation for the JWRT where Canada will face Japan, Uruguay and Namibia in the pool stages.

Their first match is to be played against the University of British Columbia Old Boys (UBCOB), on February 1, 2013. This game will be hosted at Westhills Stadium and the COE in Langford, BC, at 5:00pm PT.

The game is a curtain raiser for a game of Ultra Rugby Sevens (http://www.ultrasevensrugby.com) with the entire event being a fundraiser for Judah Campbell’s recovery. For full details on how to support Judah Campbell, please click here: www.facebook.com/JudahCampbellUltra7s

The second game of the series has not been officially announced but it is
likely to be hosted at University of Victoria the following weekend.

Interview with Tide Head Coach Ken Goodland: Ultra 7s Fundraising Match Feb 1st at Westhills Stadium

[ed. We'll run some interviews this week and next in the buildup to the Feb 1st game. There will be a Canada U20 vs UBCOB Ravens match at 5:30 pm and Vancouver Island Crimson Tide vs Dog River Howlers Ultra 7s game at 7:00. Entry is by donation, a $10 donation is recommended for adults.]
posted Jan 21 2014

BCRN: As the head coach of the senior men’s Tide what do the plans look like for the upcoming season?

KG: With the McKechnie Cup schedule switching to May it provides different challenges and opportunities. It gives us time to see more players and get continual feedback through the season, the drawback is, it makes for a long season and the challenge will be getting guys committed to playing so quickly after the club season has ended. The other aspect is the BC Bears have recognized this now as a pathway to the next level and it is a great chance for players to test themselves against the best in the region. Clubs are asked to contact, Myself, Roger Robinson or John Lyall, if they want to promote their players.

BCRN: What response have you had from players on the Ultra 7s fundraising game on February 1st?

KG: We've had a decent response so far, It's difficult with the Vegas 7's happening because not only are Canada and the Maple Leafs sending teams, there are a number of club and youth sides going down. This makes it difficult to nail down a squad and of course injuries can happen as well. We want to make this a successful day for Judah and a big part of that is putting on a quality match with as many of the top players as we can get. We plan to have a session on Wednesday night 6-8pm, January 29, at the new turf behind Wallace Field. All players are welcome to this.

BCRN: Can you give us some names of players who might suit up for the Tide in that game?

KG: Because this is a one off, special occasion, the selection process will be a bit different. So whether they suit up for Tide or Dog River, I know that we will have a mixture of youth and experience to make it an exciting and successful day. The experience will come from players such as former international Robin MacDowell, and premier league stalwart and South Seas veteran Sipili Molia; while Dustin Dobravsky, Luke McCloskey and Johnny Morris will provide some of the youthful energy. There are rumours of a few legends of Canada 7's adding themselves to the occasion, we will have to wait and see if their bodies are as willing as their minds.

BCRN: What do you anticipate will be some of the “learning” situations for players in the Ultra 7s version of the game?

KG: I think the length of the game will be an issue for many guys. It will be a very long 60 minutes, even with the rotating substitutions.

BCRN: In your years as coach what are some of the more memorable moments?

KG: I've been lucky in my short time coaching, working with Roger Robinson we have won the BC U19 Championship with CW and the Dunbar Keg Cup with the Crimson Tide U20. Being involved with a storied team like the Senior Crimson Tide is an honour of course, and working with Jim Dixon and the BC Bears last year was another highlight.

BCRN: Thanks Ken, and look forward to seeing the Tide in action on February 1st

Ultra 7s Judah Campbell Charity Game Feb 1st 7pm at Westhills Stadium - Canada U20 vs UBCOB Ravens 5pm

posted January 2nd 2014
[ed. comments below. Note the times have been changed, the games are now at 5pm and 7pm.]

The return of the BC Rugby season after the winter break is still over a month away with the BC Premier not starting until Feb 15th. There are a few Division One games taking place starting Feb 1st.

The big rugby event on the horizon is the Ultra 7s Judah Campbell Charity Game taking place on February 1st at Westhills Stadium in Langford. The event will be even bigger now with the Canada U20 team getting their first run out in a warm up game versus the BC Premier side, UBCOB Ravens, at 5pm. That will mean about 3 hours of quality rugby for spectators, a good deal, a great venue and a very worthy cause.

So mark the date off on your calendar and prepare to be entertained.

For those not familiar with Ultra 7s, it's a variation of 7s that extends the game to 60 minutes (four 15 minute quarters plus stoppage time) and allows unlimited subs. There are 7 players on the field, and 9 subs per team.

About Judah Campbell

A young Kelowna player, Judah Campbell, experienced serious injuries in a rugby match on October 3rd. The result was a broken neck and though he is doing well in his recovery, that recovery will be a very long road for him. The rugby community across the country is exploring ways to make significant contributions to the Judah Campbell Recovery Fund.

Judah Campbell Charity Game, February 1st, 2014: Vancouver Island Crimson Tide versus Dog River Howlers

VIRU Media Release
posted Dec 4 2013

The Vancouver Island Rugby Union (VIRU) and Dog River Howlers would like to announce a joint effort to promote the exciting new "made in Canada" version of 7s rugby - Ultra 7s. It is traditional 7s rugby played in four 15 minute quarters with unlimited substitutions. This will be the first game of Ultra 7s held in British Columbia, so mark off February 1st on your calendars and see what all the excitement is about. The game will be held at the 3,000 capacity Westhills Stadium in Langford where the national and provincial teams play. All proceeds will go to the Judah Campbell Recovery Fund. We encourage other rugby programs to have a presence at the event to make this a showcase of the sport we love.

A young Kelowna player, Judah Campbell, experienced serious injuries in a rugby match on October 3rd. The result was a broken neck and though he is doing well in his recovery, that recovery will be a very long road for him. BC MSP and possibly Rugby Canada insurance will cover some of the direct costs, but Judah’s recovery will incur much greater costs than these plans will cover. For this reason, the rugby community across the country (including Rugby Canada itself) is exploring ways to make significant contributions to the Judah Campbell Recovery Fund.

The Dog River Howlers are a select team hailing from the Canadian Prairies, who have a history of producing teams of high caliber, and the VIRU are convinced they can produce a Crimson Tide team to match them. Given the time of year and the desire for a fast field in good condition and a covered stand for spectators, there is great potential for an exciting game of high standards. We anticipate VIRU youth involvement in both boys and girls in curtain raiser and halftime Ultra 7s matches.

The Howlers will be led by their talismanic leader Karl Fix with on field coaching by Canadian 7s legend Shane Thomson. The Crimson Tide will be led by the dynamic duo of Ken Goodland and Roger Robinson.

For 7s players this is a chance to be a part of history, although the National Senior Men 7s team will be away that weekend, national 7s coach Geraint John has expressed his support of the game and will be getting a full report on player performances. There's also an effort to have the game streamed live.

We plan on hosting post game festivities at the Castaway Wanderers Rugby Club at 714 Discovery Street.

If you're interested in participating as a player contact the following:

John Lyall – johnlyall4@gmail.com
Ken Goodland - kgoodland@gmail.com


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