2013 Year End Awards

December 31 2013

Happy New Year

The 6th Annual BCRN Year End Awards: Part Six and Complete Document

posted Dec 31 2013

Well the new year is near upon us, so best wishes to everyone, may all your resolutions for the upcoming year come to fruition.

This is the last in the series of Year End awards plus the 30 page .pdf document. You can download the complete Year End Awards document here (4Mb).

The 6th Annual BCRN Year End Awards: Part Five

posted Dec 30 2013

This is part five of our year end awards, only one more day to go before we post the full .pdf document. We haven't posted all the awards here but have included many of the highlights.

Today focuses on coaches/managers and selection of the national women's player of year. Also a couple of novelty awards, the Tebowing award gets marks for creativity.

Tomorrow to wrap up, the men's player of the year in XVs, tackle of the year along with a few miscellaneous awards.

Thanks again to our national team correspondent who put in a lot of hours and consulted with a lot of people in making these choices.

The 6th Annual BCRN Year End Awards: Part Four

posted Dec 29 2013
[ed. the author incorrectly identified Carson Graham as the Girls HS team of the year, in fact it was Cowichan that won the 7s and XVs title this year.]

Part four of our year end awards covers high school teams in BC and the men's player of the year for the national 7s team. Also the best and worst trade of the year.

Tomorrow we look at coach of the year and the women's player of the year. We'll also throw in the Tebowing of the Year award as our national team correspondent has been monitoring what happens after the whistle very closely.

The 6th Annual BCRN Year End Awards: Part Three

posted Dec 28 2013

Part three of our year end awards, covering the best club teams, both east and west, men and women. Also the CIS awards for top team, player and coach. Still to come are the national team awards for 7s and XVs.

The 6th Annual BCRN Year End Awards: Part Two

posted Dec 27 2013

There's still lots more to come including best club team awards for men and women, CIS awards, high school awards, best and worst trade of the year, player of the year 7s and XVs, coach of the year, manager of the year, tackle of the year and the much anticipated Tebowing of the Year award... and even more.

These are excerpts from pages 8 to 14. The complete awards document to be released Dec 31st in .pdf format.

Selections and write-up by our BCRN National Team correspondent.

The 6th Annual BCRN Year End Awards: Part One

posted Dec 26 2013
[ed. The year end awards are selected by our BCRN national team correspondent.]

I hadn't realized this is the 6th edition of the awards, started in 2008, and when I received the 32 page, 5,300 word document, it was game on in the editing department. I pruned it down to 30 pages and around 5,000 words, I'm still undecided whether to release the edited or unedited version - as some of the awards fall into the category of "brutal honesty" and "biting humour". The editorial question is how much "brutal honesty" and "biting humour" is acceptable. Having turned 60 a couple of weeks ago, perhaps I'm mellowing with old age - or just "getting soft".

For now we'll release excerpts each day and publish the full .pdf version (a 30 or 32 page document) close to the new year.

As the author notes in the opening paragraph, "Another year has passed and it’s time to discharge some thoughts, some deliberate off-side observations and of course assign our Annual Awards with humor, a smile and some 15 year old scotch from the Outer Hebrides.".

Here are pages 4 to 7 with more to follow on the 27th.

Pemberton Holmes
Real Estate Sales

Tom Woods' Listings
Heritage House Trophies
Lionheart Sports