Editorials - June 2016

June 21 2016

Rugby Canada Issues Statement on Review of Men's 7s Program

posted June 21 2016
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No one likes committee meetings and reviews more than Rugby Canada and Jim Dixon. Most of us still vividly remember a similar review of the XVs program after the winless World Cup. In case you forgot the made for TV drama it went something like this. A review process is announced, the committee members are announced, a fine looking report is presented which basically said, "yes we lost all our games but we selected some stats that look awesome, so everything is good and the coach stays". While they were doing all this fine process work, the coach went to Italy, secured a job and said thanks but no thanks... arrivederci. They also came to the conclusion that having a centralized program for XVs was a good idea and would look into it. They didn't mention that we had one of those 10 years ago in the Pacific Pride program which they subsequently cancelled with the promise it would be revived. It only took 10 years.

So now the 7s review, what drama will this produce? Will an all-star cast of committee members be announced? Will stats once again come to save the day for the coach? Will the coach have found new offshore lodgings before the committee hands down its decision to do nothing? The rugby community waits with bated breath... not.

Rugby Canada Statement re: Men's Monaco Sevens:

We are all disappointed that Canada’s Men's Sevens Team did not qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Rugby Canada’s objective was to qualify for Rio in Monaco & we did not accomplish that objective.

As per department protocol, Rugby Canada will be conducting a thorough review of all elements of the Men's sevens program on an immediate basis.

We would like to thank the players & staff for their efforts in Monaco and throughout the 2015/16 World Rugby HSBC Sevens Series.


Jim Dixon
General Manager, Rugby Operations and Performance

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