Vina del Mar 2017

January 15 2017

Day 2 Canada Open with Win Over Uruguay 26-5: Lose to Fiji 29-10 in Semis; Lose to Chile in 3rd/4th

posted Jan 15 2017

It was a better Day 2 for Canada defeating Uruguay and making it to the final 4 where they'll face Fiji. Argentina will play Chile in the other semi-final.

Scoring for Canada in the QF were Aaron McLelland (2), Brett Johnson, Josiah Morra.

In the semis it was all Aaron McLelland on the scoreboard for Canada but they lost 29-10 to Fiji after leading 10-7 in the first half. McLelland is a long term project, verified by RC, but according to our calculations the NZ native still has about 2 years left in Canadian residency before he qualifies for the senior team.

In the 3rd/4th match it was Keven Vertkas scoring two tries but they were good team tries with Vertkas being the final man. Canada went into the break ahead 14-7. Unfortunately it was all Chile in the second half with three straight tries. Fitness was an issue in the second half, the Maple Leaf team gave up leads in crucial matches. The turn around in the second half highlighted some needs for Canada, they need to find a pace man first of all. Kainoa Lloyd had a nice break in the second half which promised to give Canada the lead, he was chased down from behind and the offload to the support player was clumsy and went to ground. Chile came back and scored, it turned the match around. Canada need to find that player who can not only take the full pitch with a gap but chase players down from behind. Up coming teams like Chile are finding these players and will challenge the full Canada squad in the near future. The USA, of course, have two in Perry Baker and Carlin Isles.

The USA development squad fell badly in this tournament losing to hosts Chile and then losing their next game in the bottom four to Colombia. They finished 7th in the tournament.

All in all a good tournament for Canada, the best performance in South America over the last three years.

Canada 24 - Uruguay 5
Chile 26 - USA 10
Fiji 54 - Brazil 0
Argentina 19 - Colombia 7

Consolation Semis
Colombia 26 - USA 14
Uruguay 26 - Brazil 0

Cup Semis
Fiji 29 - Canada 10
Argentina 19 - Chile 17

USA 14 - Brazil 7

Uruguay 21 - Colombia 5

3rd - 4th
Canada 14 - Chile 26

Cup Final
Argentina 12 - Fiji 19

Canada Maple Leafs

Jake Thiel, Josiah Morra, Kevin Vertkas, Riley DiNardo, Aaron McLelland, Aidan McMullan, Kainoa Lloyd, Brett Johnson, Aaron Hersant, Crosby Stewart, Andrew Battaglia, Kyle Lagasco + Head Coach Lee Douglas, Ass’t Coach Andrew Hall, Athletic Therapist Nicole Allen

Dav 1 of #SevenVina2017 Begins: Canada Fall to Fiji 33-0 in First Match: Lose to Chile 27-14 Second Match: Finish with 36-12 Win Over Colombia

posted Jan 14 2017

If last week's tournament was an accurate form guide then Argentina and Fiji will meet in the final again.

Home team Chile will play above their level in front of the home crowd and Uruguay have already upset the USA in the first round. Fiji rolled over Canada 33-0 in the first round.

Canada next lost to Chile, Chile went up 27-0 before Canada ran in two late tries. Canada face Colombia next at 15:10 PT.

Canada finished the day 36-12 over Colombia. They come 3rd in in Pool B and face #2 in Pool A, Uruguay, who edged USA in their pool game. Josiah Morra was the most prolific scorer for Canada on Day 1.

USA will face Chile, Fiji take on Brazil and it's Argentina vs Colombia in the QF on Day 2.

The South American countries have an extra incentive to do well as trips to Vancouver and Vegas are on the line for the winner. Argentina, of course, are a core team but Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Colombia are battling it out to determine who makes the trip. Chile (17) are leading Uruguay (12) in the two tournament series. Points for a 1-8 finish in each leg receive 22, 19, 17, 15, 12, 10 8 and 7 points.

13:20 Argentina 28 v Brazil 7 (8:20 PT)
13:40 USA 10 v Uruguay 12 (8:40 PT)
14:00 Fiji 33 v Canada 0 (9:00 PT)
14:20 Chile 28 v Colombia 0 (9:20 PT)
16:00 Argentina 24 v Uruguay 5 (11:00 PT)
16:20 USA 12 v Brazil 5 (11:20 PT)
16:40 Fiji 36 v Colombia 5 (11:40 PT)
17:00 Chile 27 v Canada 14 (12:00 PT)
19:10 Argentina 26 v USA 0 (14:10 PT)
19:30 Uruguay 24 v Brazil 7 (14:30 PT)
19:50 Fiji 31 v Chile 12 (14:50 PT)
20:10 Colombia 12 v Canada 36 (15:10 PT)

Vina del Mar Schedule and Pools: Video Highlights of Punta del Este Tournament: UPDATE

posted Jan 10 2016
[ed. comments below: UPDATE Liam O’Hallahan has been added to Canada’s Maple Leafs squad. Canada came 6th last year - they didn't win Bronze as the Rugby Canada article states.]

Canada will try to improve on their 1-5 record from last weekend where they lost to every team except Brazil. Probably the biggest disappointment was losing to Uruguay and Colombia who came 5th and 6th. Those will be games Canada will no doubt target for wins this weekend. Canada will get a crack at Colombia on Day 1 as they're in the same pool.

Canada start off on Saturday against Fiji, then Chile before finishing Day 1 against Colombia. Sunday's matches are dependent on Day 1 results.

The highlights from the Punta del Este are below.

Vine del Mar Pools

A: Argentina, USA, Uruguay, Brazil
B: Fiji, Chile, Colombia, Canada

Vina del Mar Schedule Day 1

13:20 Argentina 28 v Brazil 7 (8:20 PT)
13:40 USA 10 v Uruguay 12 (8:40 PT)
14:00 Fiji 33 v Canada 0 (9:00 PT)
14:20 Chile v Colombia (9:20 PT)
16:00 Argentina v Uruguay (11:00 PT)
16:20 USA v Brazil (11:20 PT)
16:40 Fiji v Colombia (11:40 PT)
17:00 Chile v Canada (12:00 PT)
19:10 Argentina v USA (14:10 PT)
19:30 Uruguay v Brazil (14:30 PT)
19:50 Fiji v Chile (14:50 PT)
20:10 Colombia v Canada (15:10 PT)


Pool A

Fiji BaaBaas: 1. Seru Cavuilati 2. Mesulame Kunavula 3. Levani Kurumudu 4. Meli Rusa 5. Semisi Matawalu 6. Amenoni Nasilasila 7. Kalione Nasoko 8. Sevuloni Naturudregadrega (Sevuloni Tawake) 9. Timoci Sinate 10. Rusiate Tadulala 11. Alivereti Veitokani 12. Nacanieli Lalalaba

Canada Maples Leafs: Jake Thiel, Josiah Morra, Kevin Vertkas, Riley DiNardo, Aaron McLelland, Aidan McMullan, Kainoa Lloyd, Brett Johnson, Aaron Hersant, Crosby Stewart, Andrew Battaglia, Kyle Lagasco + Head Coach Lee Douglas, Ass’t Coach Andrew Hall, Athletic Therapist Nicole Allen

Chile Condores: 1 Franco Velarde 2 Ignacio Silva Aninat 3 Bernardo Moltedo 4 Felipe Brangier 5 MartÍn Verschae 6 Nicholás Herreros 7 Marcelo Torrealba 8 Benjamín Devidts 9 Francisco Urroz 10 Lucas Westcott 11 Francisco Metuaze 12 Julio Blanc

Colombia Los Tucanes: Alejandro Vanegas Rodríguez, Sebastián Mejia, Andrés Felipe Alvarez Echeverri, Juan José Zapata Congote, Jhoan Sebastian Zurique Borja, Jhon Arley Urrutia Robledo, Juan Gabriel Dávila Metaute, Daniel Lopez Montoya, José Ricardo Ramirez Talero, Cristian Camilo Benítez, José Manuel Diosa Gómez, Brayan Campiño

Pool B

Argentina Los Pumas: Renzo Barbier (San Luis), José Barros Sosa (Tucumán Lawn Tennis), Lautaro Bazán (Córdoba Athletic), Lucas Belloto (Huirapuca), Felipe Del Mestre (Pucará), Juan Delguy (Pucará), Matías Ferro (Tucumán Lawn Tennis), Luciano González (La Tablada), Nicolas Menéndez (Lomas Athletic), Matías Osadczuk (SITAS), Mauro Perotti (CASI), Joaquín Riera (Los Tarcos)

Brazil Tupis: Ariel Da Silva Rodrigues (Oldbury)- Bruno Garcia Da Silva (Oldbury)- Daniel Lima da Silva (White River)- Felipe Gomes Rosa (São José Dos Campos)- Laurent Johann Jose Bourda-Couhet (Girl Scouts)- Lucas Drudi Romeo (Oldbury)- Matthew Star Miller Tavares (Runcorn)- Matheus Augusto De Souza Claudio (Oldbury)- Matheus Cruz Vergueiro and Silva (Oldbury)- Matheus Da Cruz Daniel (Oldbury)- Robert Aguinaldo Tenorio Da Silva Santos (Pasteur)- Ronaldo Da Silva Santos (Pasteur)

Uruguay Los Teros: 1 Gabriel Puig 2 Guillermo Strauch 3 Mateo Tortorella 4 Santiago Civetta 5 Federico Cibils 6 Sebastian Janssen 7 Lucas Duran 8 Ian Schmidt 9 Ignacio Inchausti 10 Ignacio García 11 Francesco Berchesi 12 Martín Fitipaldo + Head Coach Francisco Bulanti

USA Falcons: Walter Elder, Alex Elkins, JP Eloff (captain), Alex Faison-Donahoe, Matt Hughston, Cody Jerabek, Tua Laei, Chris Mattina, Aladdin Schirmer, Joey Sok, Keaweamahi “Havea” Unufe, Anthony Welmers + Head Coach Paul Holmes, Athletic Trainer Kevin Ng

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