BC Rugby Weekend of September 23rd 2017

September 23 2017


Weekend Results: Ravens Clobber Caps; CW Pummel Saracens; Bays Sink Lakers; Lomas Edge Hornets; T-Birds Soar Past Vikes


This just reinforces the info we're receiving that tells us Ravens are the team to beat this year. They destroyed a good Caps team, even when they were down 2 men at one point. It will be interesting to see how many Ravens make the trip to Uruguay next weekend with the Canada A team. They are probably playing the best club rugby in Canada right now so if there isn't good representation from them then the system is broken. Who will get the #10 spot for Canada A, will Harjun Gill be selected or someone playing on the Island like Povey for CW or Parfrey who didn't play today for JBAA? Gill was on the provincial winning BC Bears team and he gets a lot of plaudits from opposition coaches. Jorden Sandover-Best makes his return to BC Premier rugby and scored a try, another player who may not get a fair look under the current system. Ravens play Burnaby next weekend and Caps visit UBC.

Two undefeated teams with Caps having the home advantage. We don't have the Ravens roster at the time of writing [ed. just arrived] but based on their 2-0 record and their roster from the last two weeks we know they have a potent backline and a respectable set of forwards. Caps tough up front but may be stretched in the backline, they're playing a loose forward in the centres which may be symptomatic. A respected opposition coach has passed on word that the Ravens are the real deal and should make the finals this year. Think their backline are going to put up more points in this match. Prediction: Ravens by 6.

1. Neil Courtney
2. Jordan Reid-Harvey
3. Mackenzie Mills
4. Rich Merinsky
5. Joe Britt
6. John Webster
7. Reid Tucker
8. Glen McKinnon (C)
9. Chris Robinson
10. Steven Cassells
11. Austin Karius
12. Connor Weyell
13. Scott Rogers
14. Chad Carlsen
15. Sam Franklin

1. Garrett Garbe
2. Paul Ahn
3. Chris Taylor
4. Jon Phelan
5. Sam Clark
6. Nick Waggott
7. Simon Etheve (i)
8. Karl Moran (i)
9. Aj King (i)
10. Harjun Gill
11. Sean Ferguson
12. Ben Grant
13. Cully Quirke (c)
14. Graham Turner
15. Aaron Mclelland (i)
16. Kol Henrikson
17. Curtis Delmonico
18. Jorden Sandover-Best
19. Jono Wong
20. Sean Hase
21. Jef Vreys


What is happening to defence in the BC Premier, have the new ruck laws made a difference as some readers have postulated or just just not the commitment to defence as teams want to spread it wide? Seattle scored first and then it was CW from then on, piling on the points in the second half. Seattle host Lomas and CW host Westshore next weekend, sans national team players on their way to Uruguay.

No sign of the Seattle roster but two of their top players Psalm Woocking and Aladdin Schirmer have been selected for the USA Selects heading to Uruguay. Canada haven't named their team yet and are playing their national team players this weekend, it's not clear yet whether Wooching and Schirmer will make the trip north. Either way, CW will be favourites with their national team players present. Ray Barkwill will be happy he's in the match day 23 this week after being left off last weekend, along with Buydens will have an impact off the bench. Brett Johnson adds his name to the stream of national team players calling CW home and also will come in off the bench. Prediction: CW by 8.



When Pat Parfrey pulled out late for a groin injury it looked like Burnaby would be the team to beat. No Phil Mack, no Pat Parfrey and some Div 1 guys brought up to fill the gaps, wasn't looking good for the home side. But Sean White took the #10 spot vacated by Parfrey and did a standout job at standoff. Low arcing kicks over the defending wingers head, bouncing out of bounds, the stuff you rarely see from a Canadian #10. Should White be considered back in the mix for Canada XVs? The selection process needs to be more robust than it is now. The #10 for Burnaby, a player who looks like a second row, was their best player with several line breaks. The roster has him listed as Sam Hayward. and our records indicate a Canada U20 player from the class of 2014 at #13. Definitely worth a look from the national selectors. The Bays forwards were the stars and Sean White, the Burnaby scrum were on their back foot, unusual for them. The Bays forwards mauled in a couple and were a force in the win - video highlights to follow. Burnaby take on Ravens next weekend and the Bays have a bye.

This will be a top contest with the 2-0 Lakers visiting the 1-1 Bays. The Bays have a couple of key players missing, Phil Mack at #9 and Graham Harriman at second row. They crushed UVic last week scoring 40 second half points and based on that result were early favourites for this weekend but with these two key players missing, it's time for a reevaluation. It's looking more like a toss up now, how will Mitch Sora fare as Mack's replacement and how will the halfbacks match up? Parfrey a well know factor for the Bays against Sam Hayward for the Lakers taking over for the experienced James Reekie. Mark Higgins the import #9 for Burnaby another unknown factor. Tough one to call but we'll stick with the early week prognostication but by the slightest of margins. Bays by 1.

1. Blake Van Heyningen
2. Noah Barker
3. Cole Keith
4. Kieran McAuley
5. Jim de Goede
6. Lucas Rumball
7. Andrew de Goede
8. Travis Larsen
9. Mitch Sora
10. Pat Parfrey
11. Ed Adams
12. Mike Nieuwenhuysen
13. Clayton Meeres
14. Elliot Mitrou
15. Sean White

1 Adrian Longbone
2 Andrew Lackner (Capt)
3 Ben Rowley (i)
4 Brad Mchugh
5 Lucas Albornoz (RC)
6 Ed Swire (i)
7 Cody Rockson
8 Doug Breadon
9 Mark Higgins (i)
10 Sam Hayward
11 Dan Josok
12 Jeke Gotegote
13 Neil Maclaine (i)
14 Matt Chan
15 Cole Macqueen


It was a close game with the home team winning by 8. Not much info from the match but both teams will be sparse on wins in the fall with hopes of beefing up the bench by the spring. The Lomas Reserve side are 3-0 and look to be one of the best in the league. Next week Nanaimo host UVic and Lomas travel to Seattle.


Two winless clubs who are the newbies in the Prems this year. Both will have a difficult time claiming wins until they beef up their rosters. The Lomas are a little further ahead in the learning curve having played in Premier before. They're also at home, first road trip for Nanaimo in Premier. Prediction: Lomas by 10.

1 Cian Byrne
2 Daniel Fumano
3 Darren Du
4 Micheal Parffit
5 Anton Belozerov
6 Justin Fanselow
7 Connor McCann
8 Josh Clarke
9 Robert Fallon
10 Tom Dougherty
11 Steven Lam
12 Benjamin Cottle
13 Gavri Grossman
14 Antun Peko
15 Calum Baynham

1 Dean Briggs
2 Brent Miller
3 Patrick Milford
4 Ian Johnson
5 Mallory Roe
6 Paul Jacobsen
7 Sawyer Barth
8 Kiko Haliluku
9 Sam Fowler
10 Ryan Bradley
11 Steven Drozd
12 Antonio Corbin
13 Stephen Hextall
14 Jacob Thom
15 Harrison King


As expected UBC prevailed and Theo Sauder was mentioned frequently. There's another player who should be showing up on national XVs and 7s rosters and if not then explain why. A detailed match report from the Vikes can be found here.

Surprising that the two university sides are winless, especially last year's champion UBC. The Vikes have a lot of players training in Langford with the centralized squad and some are picking up injuries much to the dismay of the coaching staff. UBC will likely dominate in the sets with Clint Lemkus a standout at loosehead. Vikes won't have an answer for the pace of the T-Birds out wide with Sauder, Duke, Le Sage. Prediction: UBC by 7.

1: C. Lemkus (Paul Roos)
2: C. Sampson (Charles Tupper)
3: C. Martinez (Earl Marriott)
4: N. Howell (Hugh McRoberts)
6: C. Mc William (St George’s)
7: J. Ikeda (Magee)
8: N. Allen (Mulgrave)
9: C Keffer (Sutherland)
10: N. Collett (Southridge)
11: S Duke (Prince of Wales)
12: N. Clironomos (Lord Byng)
13: B. Le Sage (Henry Wisewood)
14: D. Archer (Rennaisance College)
15: T. Sauder (St George’s) ©

1 Spencer Cooper
2 Tyler Wong
3 Macbryan Bos
4 Gavin Kratz
5 Conor Keys
6 Jackson Matthews
7 James O’Neill
8 Carson O’Sullivan
9 James Pitblado
10 Brennig Prevost
11 Cathal Long
12 Guiseppe du Toit
13 Ethan Hager
14 Liam Morrison
15 Fergus Hall

FULL SCHEDULE (from BCRU) (Time Location Home Visitor Ref)

Mens Premier League
14:30 Klahanie Park CAPILANO V UBCOB RAVENS Saro Turner
14:30 James Bay AA JAMES BAY AA V BURNABY LAKE David Smortchevsky
14:30 Connaught Park MERALOMA V NANAIMO Jivan Dhaliwal
14:30 U Of Victoria U OF VICTORIA V UBC Harry Mason
14:45 Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS V SEATTLE Kevin Smith

Mens Premier Reserve
12:45 Klahanie Park CAPILANO 2 V UBCOB RAVENS 2 Brett Hay
12:45 James Bay AA JAMES BAY AA 2 V BURNABY LAKE 2 George Van (Pending)
12:45 Connaught Park MERALOMA 2 V NANAIMO 2 Jamie Levchuk
12:45 U Of Victoria U OF VICTORIA NORSEMEN V UBC 2 Darren Sage
13:00 Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS 2 V SEATTLE 2 Michael Moss

Womens Premier League
11:30 Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS V BURNABY LAKE Latoya Blackwood
12:45 Klahanie Park CAPILANO V SEATTLE Christopher Assmus

Mens Division 1
13:00 Vanier High School COMOX V COWICHAN Mauke Mauke
13:00 Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE 3 V U OF VICTORIA SAXONS John DeGoede
14:30 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V SURREY BEAVERS AA Colin Stroeder
14:30 United - Hume UNITED V LANGLEY Toby Mustill

Mens Division 2
12:45 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD 2 V BURNABY LAKE 3 Trevor Honey
12:45 Parkinson Rec Field KELOWNA CROWS 2 V BAYSIDE 2
12:45 Simon Fraser no.4 SIMON FRASER RC V SCRIBES Brad Schwalger
12:45 United - Hume UNITED 2 V LANGLEY 2 Tyler Dawson
14:30 Brockton Oval VAN ROWING CLUB 2 V BRIT LIONS 2 Graham Stone

Womens Division 1
11:15 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V SIMON FRASER RC Paul Kelly
11:15 Kamloops Park KAMLOOPS V UNITED
11:15 Connaught Park MERALOMA V NANAIMO Mike landiak
11:15 Parkinson Rec Field UBCO HEAT V BAYSIDE
11:30 Vanier High School COMOX V COWICHAN Anthony Forth

Womens Division 2
11:15 Klahanie Park CAPILANO 2 V RIDGE MEADOWS Marusia Ochoa
11:30 Brockton Oval VAN ROWING CLUB V LANGLEY Jamie Overgaard
13:00 Trout Lake SCRIBES V WESTSHORE 2 Lance Davison

Mens Division 3
11:15 Connaught Park MERALOMA 3 V CHILLIWACK David Holmes
11:15 Sullivan Heights SURREY BEAVERS AA 3 V RIDGE MEADOWS Neil Grant
12:45 Balaclava Park KATS V RICHMOND David Nelley

U23 Division
11:15 Parkinson Rec Field UBCO HEAT V BAYSIDE
11:15 United - Hume UNITED V CAPILANO ACADEMY Barry Cummins

Island Div 1 Times Cup
13:00 Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE 2 V PORT ALBERNI Andrew Foster


11:30 U Of Victoria U OF VICTORIA V UBC Connor Klatt (Pending)usport game

U16 Boys Island
13:00 Cowichan COWICHAN V PORT ALBERNI Darren Sage

U18 Boys Mainland
14:30 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V UBCOB RAVENSPaul Kelly
14:30 South Surrey Ath Pk BAYSIDE 2 V CAPILANOJames Kelly (Pending)
14:30 Crush Crescent LANGLEY V BAYSIDEBradley Schwalger
14:30 United - Hume UNITED V MERALOMAScott Johnson (Pending)

U18 Boys Island
11:30 Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS V JAMES BAY AA Pierre Iachetti

U16 Boys Mainland
13:00 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V UBCOB RAVENS Colin Sexton
13:00 Crush Crescent LANGLEY RICHMOND V BAYSIDE 1 Graham Stone (Pending)
13:00 United - Hume UNITED V MERALOMA

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