BC Rugby Weekend of September 30th 2017

September 30 2017


Weekend Results: Vikes Sting Hornets; Saracens Dominate Lomas; T-Birds Edge Caps; Ravens Sink Lakers; CW Crush Valhallians

UVic 51 @ Nanaimo 37

This was an entertaining match with lots of tries. Nanaimo went ahead in the first 20 and were leading by two tries at one point. UVic battled back and were ahead by a slight margin by half time. The back and forth battle was a stalemate with about 10 minutes left when a key decision changed the match. Nanaimo had an option for a penalty kick about 30 metres out and about 15 metres in from the sideline, so very kickable but the kicker wasn't having the best day. It would have put them in the lead, they decided to kick for the corner and go for a lineout and drive. It didn't pan out and UVic struck back with two late tries to seal the match. The first points for Nanaimo with a bonus point loss and a much needed bonus point win for UVic. We said Vikes by 5 and it was Vikes by 14. Our prediction record after four weeks is 18-2. There's a break for Thanksgiving next week and then Nanaimo travels to James Bay and the Vikes host the Lomas.

UVic missing a lot of players, only two big names to the Uruguay tour but many more from injury like U20 flanker, James O'Neill. Still they have the advantage out wide with Long, Feek, Hager, Hall and Hersaint. They are likely fitter and faster in the backs. Nanaimo will have the advantage in the trenches, in the channels close to the ruck with their big runners. It depends on the style of play and how effective the Nanaimo backs will be in containment, especially in the last 20. Prediction: Vikes by 5.

1 Brent Miller
2 Antonio Corbin
3 Patrick Milford
4 Ian Jonsson
5 Mallory Roe
6 Kiko Halaliku
7 Paul Jacobsen
8 Joe Blain
9 Sam Fowler
10 Brad Marshall
11 Steven Drozd
12 Taniela Tulia
13 Ryan Bradley
14 Jacob Thom
15 Harrison King

1 Macbryan Bos
2 Nathan Yue
3 Spencer Cooper
4 Gavin Kratz
5 Jesse Burns
6 Thomas Di Fore
7 Jackson Matthews
8 Carson O’Sullivan
9 James Pitblado
10 Bennig Prevost
11 Cathal Long
12 Logan Martin-Feek
13 Ethan Hager
14 Fergus Hall
15 Aaron Hersaint

Meraloma 15 @ Seattle 45

Not much details from the match but Seattle were up 30+ at the half according to reports so the second half was more even. Lomas drop to 10th in the standings ahead of Nanaimo while Seattle and UVic jump up to a tie for 8th/9th. After the break Seattle travel to the Ravens while Lomas travel to UVic. We said Seattle by 9 and it was Seattle 30.

No roster from Seattle yet, so we threw up their one from two weeks ago. Schirmer and Wooching gone with the USA team to Uruguay but players like Olive Kilifi and Eric Soto always play well. Lomas got their first win against Premier debutantes Nanaimo last weekend but this will be a lot tougher. Seattle are 0-3 an unusual record for them but they play stronger at home and should have this one covered. Prediction: Seattle by 9.


#1 Cian Byrne
#2 Dan Fumano
#3 Darren Du
#4 Justin Fanselow
#5 Anton Belozerov
#6 Billy Noonan
#7 Connor McCann
#8 Josh Clark (c)
#9 Rob Fallon
#10 Tom Dougherty
#11 Steve Lam
#12 Guy Shcwikkard
#13 Benji Cottle
#14 Gavri Grossman
#15 Calum Bynhm
#16 Scott McGinley
#17 Paul Moriarty
#18 James Beck
#19 Thomas McDonald
#20 Derek Townsend
#21 Dave Brammell
#22 Ben Bula

Capilano 26 @ UBC 34

We came close in this one, calling UBC by 5 with 8 being the final differential. John Langley will no doubt fill us in on the action in his report. It was 12-9 at the half for the T-Birds. After the break UBC host Westshore and Caps host CW. The win moves UBC up and in a tie for the 4th/5th/6th/7th spot with Capilano, Westshore and James Bay.

Caps got a rude awakening last weekend, pummeled by Ravens at home 57-0. This time they're on the road against a hungry T-Birds team that are a ways off their championship form but starting to wake up. They claimed their first win last weekend at UVic. They have some pace with Lesage, Sauder, Clironomos in the backs and Clint Lemkus is a dominant force in the front row. Caps have the big man Zaruba back so one of the T-Bird wingers is going to have his hands full. Zaruba apparently not going back into the 7s stream, the NFL haven't picked him up, he's not with Canada A so a possible MLR future for this iconic player. Will his addition be enough to tip the scales in favour of the visitors? It's one of those games where you check the weather, a muddy slow field suit the Caps forwards, a fast track suits UBC. It's a 60% chance of rain but the fields are still firm. Prediction: UBC by 5.

1. J. Sourisseau (St George's)
2. C. Sampson (Charles Tupper)
3. C. Lemkus (Paul Roos)
4. J. Carson (Oak Bay)
5. N. Howell (Hugh McRobets)
6. O. Ruttan (St Mary's)
7. J. Ikeda (Magee)
8. N. Allen (Mulgrave)
9. C. Keffer (Sutherland)
10. N. Collett (Southridge)
11. J. Jubenvill (Earl Marriott)
12. B. Lesage (Henry Wisewood)
13. N. Clironomos (Lord Byng)
14. F. Hurst (St George's)
15. T. Sauder (St George's) (c)

1. Rowan Baker
2. Jason de Freitas
3. Mackenzie Mills
4. Rich Merinsky
5. Reid Tucker
6. Connor Weyell
7. Jordan Reid- Harvey
8. Glen McKinnon (C)
9. Chris Robinson
10. Steven Cassells
11. Austin Karius
12. Alex Boyd
13. Chad Carlsen
14. Adam Zaruba
15. Sam Franklin

UBCOB 16 @ Burnaby 10

We got to within 1 in this prediction, we said Ravens by 7 and it was by 6. The Ravens go 4-0 and are top of the standings, Burnaby pick up a bonus point in the loss and take 3rd spot. It was a tight match with Burnaby scoring a first half try and Ravens taking two penalties off the boot of Adam McQueen for a 6-5 lead. McQueen added a third penalty and Aaron McLelland used his speed to add a try and a 16-5 lead. Burnaby added an unconverted try and that was the match. After the break Burnaby have a bye and Ravens host Seattle.

A top matchup on the mainland, there are three undefeated teams Ravens, CW, Westshore but only Ravens are 3-0 and they have amassed an impressive +124 point differential. The Irish import Moran at #8 has been a good addition, they have a solid tight five and a lot of pace in the backs. Burnaby got a wake up call last week on the road at James Bay. No sign of Anthony Luca in the starting XV but Albornoz is back, no doubt disappointed in not being called into the Canada A squad. Sam Hayward impressed at #10 last week in a losing effort and has been shifted to #15 this week. Can anyone stop the form team right now, the Ravens. Burnaby at home have a good shot but based on current form Ravens are favourites. Prediction: Ravens by 7.

1. Garrett Garbe
2. Paul Ahn
3. Chris Taylor
4. Liam Flanagan (I)
5. Sam Clarke
6. Cully Quirke (c)
7. Simon Etheve (i)
8. Karl Moran (i)
9. Sean Ferguson
10. Harjun Gill
11. Sean Hase
12. Ben Grant
13. Adam McQueen
14. Graham Turner
15. Aaron Mclelland (i)

1 Adrian Longbone
2 Andrew Lackner (Capt)
3 Ben Rowley (i)
4 Mike O'Toole
5 Craig Mclaughlin
6 Ed Swire (i)
7 Cody Rockson
8 Lucas Albornoz (RC)
9 Mark Higgins (i)
10 Neil Maclaine (i)
11 Dan Josok
12 Jeke Gotegote
13 Cole Macqueen
14 Matt Chan
15 Sam Hayward

Westshore 7 @ CW 50

Second game we got completely wrong this season, the other was when Caps travelled to Seattle and beat the Saracens. Thought CW without their 6 national team players would be even with Westshore but apparently Westshore without their 2 or 3 national players are a lot weaker. The debut of flanker-to-prop Phillips wasn't a complete success and CW owned the scrum which dictated the match. CW are in second place and along with Ravens are the two undefeated sides, one opposition coach told me a week or so ago that those two teams will be in the final. He's looking on the money early on but teams like Burnaby, Bays and UBC are still capable of changing that outcome. CW travel to Caps after the break and Westshore travel to UBC.

Both teams missing players to Canada A side but CW hit harder. It should be interesting, Westshore hurting for front row and it's a front row debut for David Phillips who is a veteran second row/loose forward who has been training with experienced coaches to make the transition. He's in tough against Braddock and Thornber though. Westshore might have the best loose forward trio in the league with Dewitt, Penny and Va'a. Taylor McGuire is a big kiwi who looks good in the backline and Julian Foggitt has deceptive pace. Lucien Nel a former Canada U20 player a good find. The scrums might be key to this match but outside that think Westshore have the edge in loose play. Prediction: Westshore by 1.

1. Jason Allen
2. Casey Reed
3. David Phillips
4. Aidan McLeary
5. Darryl Hall
6. Foster Dewitt
7. Nakai Penny
8. Tua Va'a
9. Lucien Nel
10. Clay Panga
11. Cody Gervais
12. Taylor McGuire
13. Isaac Gonevou
14. Julian Foggitt
15. Jordan Tait




Women University
17:00 U Of Victoria - U OF VICTORIA V LETHBRIDGE - Darren Sage


Mens Premier League
14:30 May Bennett - NANAIMO V U OF VICTORIA - Kevin Smith
14:30 Dahl Field - SEATTLE V MERALOMA
14:30 UBC - UBC V CAPILANO - Brett Hay
14:30 Burnaby Lake - UBCOB RAVENS V BURNABY LAKE - Harry Mason
14:45 Windsor Park - CASTAWAY WANDERERS V WESTSHORE - Christopher Assmus

Mens Premier Reserve
12:45 Windsor Park - CASTAWAY WANDERERS 2 V WESTSHORE 2 - George Van
12:45 May Bennett - NANAIMO 2 V U OF VICTORIA NORSEMEN - Mauke Mauke
12:45 Dahl Field - SEATTLE 2 V MERALOMA 2
12:45 UBC - UBC 2 V CAPILANO 2 - Jamie Levchuk
13:00 Burnaby Lake - UBCOB RAVENS 2 V BURNABY LAKE 2 - Colin Stroeder

Womens Premier League
11:30 Windsor Park - CASTAWAY WANDERERS V WESTSHORE - Shanda Mosher-Gallant
12:45 Burnaby Lake - BURNABY LAKE V CAPILANO - David Smortchevsky

Mens Division 1
10:00 Windsor Park - CASTAWAY WANDERERS 3 V WESTSHORE 3 - Robert Klatt
11:00 Cowichan - U OF VICTORIA SAXONS V PORT ALBERNI - Don Barber
14:30 Exhibition Park - ABBOTSFORD V VAN ROWING CLUB - Tyler Dawson
14:30 South Surrey Ath Pk - BAYSIDE V UNITED - Scott Johnson
14:30 Sullivan Heights - SURREY BEAVERS AA V LANGLEY - Andrew Foster

Mens Division 2
11:30 Burnaby Lake - BURNABY LAKE 3 V BRIT LIONS 2 - Bradley Schwalger
12:45 Exhibition Park - ABBOTSFORD 2 V VAN ROWING CLUB 2 - Jivan Dhaliwal
12:45 South Surrey Ath Pk - BAYSIDE 2 V UNITED 2 - Trevor Honey
12:45 Kamloops Park - KAMLOOPS V SIMON FRASER RC
12:45 Parkinson Rec Field - KELOWNA CROWS 2 V SCRIBES
12:45 Sullivan Heights - SURREY BEAVERS AA 2 V LANGLEY 2 - Toby Mustill

Womens Division 1
11:15 Cowichan - COWICHAN V MERALOMA - John DeGoede
11:15 Kamloops Park - KAMLOOPS V SIMON FRASER
11:15 May Bennett - NANAIMO V ABBOTSFORD - Anthony Forth
11:15 Parkinson Rec Field - UBCO HEAT V BRIT LIONS

Womens Division 2
10:30 Crush Crescent - LANGLEY V CAPILANO 2 - Heather Lilburn
13:00 Trout Lake - SCRIBES V SURREY BEAVERS AA - Robin Tolbert

Mens Division 3
11:15 Sullivan Heights - SURREY BEAVERS AA 3 V KATS - Lance Davison
12:45 Thomas Haney - RIDGE MEADOWS V CAPILANO 3 - Leon Britz
12:45 Whistler Secondary School - SQUAMISH V MERALOMA 3 - Tere Blake

U23 Division
11:15 South Surrey Ath Pk - BAYSIDE V UNITED - James Kelly
11:15 King George Park - RICHMOND V SIMON FRASER RC - David Nelley

Times Cup Div 1
13:00 Cowichan - COWICHAN V JAMES BAY AA 2 - Michael Moss


Women University

U16 Boys Island
13:00 Windsor Park - CASTAWAY WANDERERS V COWICHAN - Shaye Tudor
13:00 James Bay AA - JAMES BAY AA V PORT ALBERNI - Connor Klatt (Pending)

U18 Boys Mainland
14:30 South Surrey Ath Pk - BAYSIDE V CAPILANO - Christopher Assmus
14:30 Crush Crescent - LANGLEY V ABBOTSFORD - Colin Sexton
14:30 Connaught Park - MERALOMA V BAYSIDE 2
14:30 Balaclava Park - UBCOB RAVENS V UNITED - Scott Johnson

U18 Boys Island
14:30 Windsor Park - CASTAWAY WANDERERS V WESTSHORE - Kevin Smith
14:30 Cowichan - COWICHAN V JAMES BAY AA - Don Barber

U16 Boys Mainland
13:00 South Surrey Ath Pk - BAYSIDE 1 V CAPILANO BLACK - James Kelly
13:00 Crush Crescent - LANGLEY RICHMOND V ABBOTSFORD - Paul Kelly
13:00 Connaught Park - MERALOMA V CAPILANO GOLD - Robert Crowe

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