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November 13 2017

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Rugby Canada Cut Staff and Move Operations to Langford: Jim Dixon Removed as General Manager of Rugby Operations

It's almost a decade late but Rugby Canada finally completed a meaningful restructuring, it's something Canadian rugby supporters have been requesting for many years. The last restructuring in 2010 led by Graham Brown as CEO was a step backward when they sacked John Tait and Morgan Williams. They subsequently had the sense to rehire Tait, and Williams has been used on many occasions as assistant coach.

This reorg hits some key points, first moving the majority of functions to Langford and reducing the need (and cost) for second office space in Richmond Hill. The main reason Rugby Canada ended up in Richmond Hill from Ottawa was to accommodate Graham Brown as CEO when he was hired and lived in the area.

The second major improvement is replacing Jim Dixon who was not suited for the position. It's a chance to hire someone who has a vision of Canadian rugby and has roots in Canadian rugby, or at least high performance Canadian sport.

The big question now is who will replace Dixon. It's a chance for a new beginning but only if the right person is hired.

from Rugby Canada

LANGFORD, BC (November 13, 2017) – Rugby Canada’s Chief Executive Officer, Allen Vansen, announced today that Rugby Canada will be implementing a restructuring within the burgeoning National Sport Federation to drive operational excellence.

The restructuring announced today allows the organization to align and focus its resources with its evolving high performance objectives and expanded National Team operations in Langford, British Columbia with the opening of the Al Charron Rugby Canada National Training Centre in early 2018.

As part of the restructuring, several departments will relocate from the organization’s corporate office in Richmond Hill, ON and will be based in Langford, BC over the next three to six months. Rugby Canada’s Finance, Marketing and Communications, General Operations and Governance departments will relocate to the Federation’s existing Centre of Excellence facility in Langford.

As part today’s restructuring, Rugby Canada announced it is making a change in the leadership of its Rugby Department, effective today. The Rugby Department has been led by Jim Dixon for the past two and a half years.

“On behalf of the Canadian Rugby community and everyone at Rugby Canada, I would like to thank Jim for his commitment to the organization, our National Teams and Development programs. We wish Jim every success in the future,” said Vansen.

With the relocation of several departments to the existing Centre of Excellence in Langford, this will see a change in several of the organization’s existing leadership and staff. Positions being established in Langford are the Chief Operating Officer, Director of Communications and Marketing, Director of Finance, and finance coordinators.

Myles Spencer, current Chief Operating Officer, Linh Nguyen current Chief Financial Officer, and Carlos Ferreira, current Director of Marketing and Communications, along with the existing finance staff, will remain with Rugby Canada for the coming months as these new positions are recruited for and filled by new staff based in Langford, BC.

“I would like to thank Myles, Linh, Carlos, Nina, Audrey and Cindy for their hard work and commitment to Rugby Canada’s growth and success over the preceding years,” noted Vansen. “We wish these excellent individuals the very best in their future endeavors and greatly appreciate their understanding of this important restructuring for the organization.”

Today’s restructuring comes after an extensive review of the entire organization, which has grown rapidly over the past 5+ years. This review was completed with the assistance of an external party with relevant expertise in the Canadian sport system. Rugby Canada’s Board of Directors has reviewed and fully endorsed this restructuring.

“Our board fully supports and endorses this new organizational change. It is absolutely necessary," said Tim Powers, Chair of the Rugby Canada Board of Directors. "We would also like to thank Jim, Myles, Linh, Carlos, Nina, Audrey and Cindy for their unwavering commitment to our sport."

These significant shifts allow increased synergies in the daily operations of the staff and permit a downsizing of Rugby Canada’s office requirements in Richmond Hill, creating further efficiencies.

“This marks the beginning of a new era for Rugby Canada, as one of Canada’s fastest growing sports,” added Vansen. “While always difficult to reach these tough decisions, this is the best path forward to reach our organization’s performance and growth objectives. These changes will help Rugby Canada build a world class organizational culture and enhance the performance of our Sport development and National Team programs, today and into the future.”

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