2017 Year End Awards

December 31 2017

BCRN Inspirational Player of the Year 2017

BCRN Year End Awards: Inspirational Players of the Year: Ray Barkwill and Ashley Steacy

It's time for the year end awards. Our BCRN national team correspondent does the selections and write up. We'll highlight a few each day until the year end, then publish the entire document in .pdf format.

BCRN Year End Awards: Director of the Year: Meaghan Howat; Manager of the Year: Brian Hunter

BCRN Year End Awards: Men's XVs Players of the Year - DTH, Olmstead, Beukeboom, Barkwill

BCRN Year End Awards: Women's XVs Player of the Year - Kelly Russell

BCRN Year End Awards: Coaches of the Year - Damian McGrath, John Tait, Tim Murdy, Jeff Williams, Andrew Doyle

BCRN Year End Awards: Sevens Players of the Year - Nathan Hirayama, Lucas Hammond, Ghislaine Landry - Rookies of the Year Isaac Kaay & Breanne Nicholas

BCRN Year End Awards: Tribute of the Year - Ric Suggitt

[ed. today when connecting with family is an important theme, it seems fitting to remember an esteemed member of the rugby family who is missed by many. Merry Christmas Ric, from all of us.]

BCRN Year End Awards: High School Programs of the Year - Shawnigan Lake, Carson Graham, Abbotsford, Oak Bay Get the Nod

BCRN Year End Awards: University Players of the Year - Theo Sauder, James O'Neill, Jess Neilson, Julia Folk

BCRN Year End Awards: Club XVs Team of the Year Men and Women

BCRN Year End Awards: University XVs Team of the Year Men and Women

BCRN Year End Awards: University 7s Teams of the Year Men and Women

BCRN Year End Awards: Volunteer, Builders, Referee Categories

[ed. perhaps a bit harsh on the "coming up" through the ranks appraisal. Latoya Blackwood is one to watch in 2018 in my opinion. John de Goede is full marks on selection, if you ask most people pitch side at an Island match "who is your choice for best ref right now" and they'll likely mention John's name.]

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