Houston SaberCats v Seattle Saracens Review

January 07 2018

Houston SaberCats - MLR League

Eighteen Photos from Judy Teasdale, Video of Local News Coverage, Why It's Important

BCRN readers are familiar with Judy Teasdale's work, she was one of the top rugby photographers in BC when she lived here. She's in Houston now so we can now see the SaberCats emergence through her camera lens. It also highlights why it's so important to the rugby community in BC.

They say there are six degrees of separation between anyone in the world, in the rugby world it's more like two degrees of separation. Rugby is a community and teammates become like family, the ethos of rugby crosses borders. North American rugby has a special bond as Canada and USA are in a similar position, share similar goals and have similar hills to climb. One is competing for attention against the mainstream pro sports like basketball, football, baseball and hockey. It was good to see Houston get 5,000+ fans in their first preseason match, it's a win for rugby and for North American rugby.

The fans in Houston are on a steep learning curve but their enthusiasm for a sport we all love is heartwarming. The video below shows local TV station KHOU11 describing to viewers what they just witnessed, it perfectly illustrates what professional community based rugby can achieve. Well done Houston.

Another local video from NewsFix CW39.

Here are 18 photos from the lens of Judy Teasdale, from pregame to final whistle. Thanks Judy for sharing.

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