BC Rugby Weekend of February 3rd 2018

February 04 2018

BCRN 2018

Weekend Results: Ravens Take Down Burnaby; Vikes Sting Hornets; CW Blast Bays; Saracens Edge Lomas; Caps Upset T-Birds


We got this one spot on, by 6 according to the prediction. A bonus point loss for Burnaby and a 4 point win for Ravens puts them top of the standings. Sean Ferguson put Ravens up with an intercept try while the Ravens were down a man, 7-3. Veteran Ben Grant put the Ravens up 14-3 before Burnaby scored a late try.

Apparently the venue has been moved to Jericho, so now Ravens have the home field advantage. Ravens #2 and Burnaby #3 an important match to see who gets the quarter-final bye in the playoffs and home field in the semis. Ravens have all their big names in the lineup, Moran, Phelan, Taylor and McLelland. Add in Jorden Sandover-Best, Harjun gill, Sean Ferguson, Cully Quirke and this is one of their strongest lineups of the year. Burnaby have a few changes from last week, new props, still no sign of Anthony Luca after he was called up to the Canada long list. The backline looks the same and they have a couple of danger men in the centres with Gotegote and Vunituraga. Should be a good match but the Ravens slight favourites especially with the venue change. Prediction: Ravens by 6.

UBCOB Ravens
1 Dimitri Gotsopoulos
2 Paul Ahn
3 Chris Taylor
4 Jon Phelan
5 Sam Clarke
6 David O'Donoghue (i)
7 Simon Etheve (i)
8 Karl Moran (i)
9 Jorden Sandover-Best
10 Harjun Gill
11 Graham Turner
12 Adam McQueen
13 Cully Quirke ©
14 Sean Ferguson
15 Aaron McLelland (i)
16 Marc Belevdere
17 Matias Suez
18 Curtis Delmonico
19 Conor Hamilton
20 Kol Henrikson
21 Ben Grant
22 Aj King (i)

1 Nik Hildebrand
2 Micha Govorchin
3 Juan Videla
4 Craig Mclaughlin
5 Mike Gough (Capt)
6 Mike O'Toole
7 Cole Mosychuk
8 Ryan Mchollister
9 Mark Higgins
10 Jack Caithness
11 Darren Mcrory
12 Jeke Gotegote
13 Kimi Vunituraga
14 Max Tacket
15 Cole Macqueen


We called the Vikes win but underestimated the amount. Nanaimo were leading 19-17 going into the last quarter when UVic exploded for 28 points in 7 minutes. It has been one of the problems with the last place Hornets, losing focus later in the match. They didn't recover and the match ended in a lopsided score. Scorers for UVic were James O'Neill (3T), Oliver Nott (2T), Ethan Hager (1T), Macbryan Bos (1T), James Pitblado (1T), Aaron Hersant (6C).

The teams sitting 10th and 11th in the standings, UVic with 3 wins, Nanaimo with 2. UVic played their best game last weekend but came up short against top seeded UBC, Nanaimo defeated Seattle in a comeback win. Nanaimo were down 21 points in that match so are a never say die sort of team. The last time these teams met it was UVic who came back to win the last 20 minutes and the match. The return of Ollie Nott is good for the Vikes, Pitblado at #9 up against Sam Fowler will be a good contest. Two openside flankers looking to make the Canada U20 team, Peyton Eagar for Hornets and James O'Neill for Vikes, that will be a good matchup. Should be entertaining rugby but Vikes overall fitness across the XV and bench might be key in the last 20. Prediction: Vikes by 5.

1. Spencer Cooper
2. Thomas Di Fiore / Tyler Wong
3. Macbryan Bos
4. Jesse Burns / Gavin Kratz
5. Conor Keys
6. Ollie Nott
7. James O’Neill
8. Jackson Matthews
9. James Pitblado
10. Brennig Prevost
11. Aidan McMullan
12. Logan Martin- Feek
13. Jack McCarthy
14. Ethan Hager
15. Aaron Hersant


CW 35 @ JAMES BAY 12

Again got the win right but underestimated the differential. It was a rough match by all accounts, the halftime score was 21-12. CW scoring from two mauls and a Kevin Leask try. JBAA kicking four penalties. Doug Fraser opened the second half tally for CW and they added a second with Povey perfect with the boot, they had their 35 and a bonus point win. CW have a firm hold on 4th place with 3rd now in sight. James Bay drop to 6th, overtaken by Caps with Seattle close by.

Rumours the game may be postponed due to lack of a field, hard to believe with so many fields in the greater Victoria area. The Cowichan fields never close. If the game proceeds it would be #4 CW at 41 points and JBAA #5 at 34 points. CW would go in as favourites, they have some quality players like Nanyak Dala, Liam Chisolm, Kevin Leask, Dustin Dobravsky, Rob Povey, Anton Ngongo and Doug Fraser who have represented Canada at some level. Prediction: CW by 7.




A big win for Caps, UBC rested a number of key players like Theo Sauder for this match. The bonus point win is huge for Caps and puts them back in a comfortable playoff position, going past the Bays into 5th place. UBC fall back into second place but in the BC Premier there's no advantage to finishing 1st or 2nd except bragging rights, both teams get home semis but the final is a neutral venue.

UBC and Ravens tied at the top of the standings, neither wants to drop a bonus point and will be looking for 5 point wins this weekend. No sign of Theo Sauder or Clint Lemkus for UBC, two influential players. The Capilano lineup looks similar to the one that lost to CW last weekend, Sam Franklin moves to #10 in place of Steve Cassells and Giles Klaver takes a wing position. UBC have been consistent with only 2 losses, their +312 point differential the best in the league. Caps in 6th place desperately need the win but will be a tough ask against UBC. Prediction: UBC by 8.

1 Cali Martinez (Earl Marriott)
2 Connor Sampson (Charles Tupper)
3 Joe Sourisseau (St George’s)
4 Nolan Howell (Hugh McRoberts)
5 James Carson (Oak Bay)
6 Owain Ruttan (St Mary’s)
7 Jake Ikeda (Magee)
8 Nick Allen (Mulgrave)
9 William Percillier- McDougall (Brentwood)
10 Nick Collett (Southridge)
11 James Newman (Oak Bay)
12 John Jubenvill (Earl Marriott)
13 Elias Ergas (Collingwood)
14 Cole Keffer (Sutherland)
15 Fraser Hurst (St George’s)

1 Neil Courtney
2 Jason de Freitas
3 Mackenzie Mills
4 Reid Tucker
5 Rich Merinsky
6 Jonathan Webster
7 Jordan Reid-Harvey
8 Glen McKinnon (C)
9 Chris Robinson
10 Sam Franklin
11 Erik Hunter-James
12 Chad Carlsen
13 Johnny Franklin
14 Giles Klaver
15 Austin Karius


We got this result wrong although the point differential close. Lomas went up 7-3 with a try by #13 Benji Cottle. Seattle scored one out wide before Lomas #9 Tom Viljoen put the home side ahead 14-10 at the half. Lomas scored first in the second half when winger Anton Peko crossed the line. Lomas picked up a yellow and Seattle made them pay, they added two tries to win the match. Three tries apiece with Lomas getting a bonus point in the loss. The result sees Seattle only a point behind the Bays in the race for the final playoff spot. Lomas remain in the bottom third of the standings with UVic and Westshore close by.

Seattle lost to last place Nanaimo a week ago. Lomas lost to Ravens. Seattle could overtake Caps for the 6th and final playoff spot with a win and a Caps loss. Lomas could climb up to 8th place with a shot at a playoff run if they win. Think the Lomas are due for a win, at home this week might be the chance they're looking for. Prediction: Lomas by 2.

1. Paul Moriarty
2. Scott McGinley
3. Cian Byrne
4. Anton Belozerov
5. Hank Mcqueen
6. Justin Fanselow
7. Ben Martin
8. Josh Clarke (C)
9. Tom Viljoen
10. Guy Schwikkard
11. Ben Bula
12. Mike Hall
13. Benji Cottle
14. Antun Peko
15. Gavri Grossman
16. Darren Du
17. Nathan Amey
18. Wes Lee
19. Billy Noonan
20. Patrick Zuk
21. David Brammell
22. Hayes Bishop
23. Will Perry

1. Kellen Gordon
2. Daniel Trierweiler
3. Ryan Youngman
4. Taylor Krumrei
5. Ben Gus
6. Nick McKenna
7. Cole Van Harn
8. Hannibal Vaivao
9. Isaiah Chinen
10. Jonny Reid
11. Dion Crowder
12. Max Martinez
13. Sequoyah Burke Combs
14. James Tiquiri
15. Cecil Ala

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