James Bay - February 2018

February 05 2018


CW Beats Bays in Chilling Win at MacDonald Park

by Phil Meyer

Saturday was one of the most chilling days this writer has ever experienced at MacDonald Park. Rain and wind freezing my bones as the afternoon ran on. Castaway Wanderers dominant at both Premier Reserve and Premier levels. The referee unfit – slowing the Premier game to his “whistle – walk – discuss” – then repeat it all again – pace. Driving me to something I have never done in 60+ years before. Scuttling off, hypothermic, from the park with 10 minutes still left.

Did the chill mitigate CW’s performance on the field? No. Their Ones powered to a four try 31 to 8 victory on the Lower Field. In the Premier game, JBAA’s Blue Crush played even, or a little better (save for the 20 minutes where they were forced to a man short), but the Dubbya’s backs were dominant. The Bays’ backs played strong D throughout the game – but with Phil Mack, Connor Braid, Pat Parfrey and Sean White gone, they could field no pure scorers on attack. Only the talented toe of Elliot Mitrou saved the Blue from whitewash.

In the early game, Dubbya ahead 10 to 3 at the half. Three more trys in the second. The 31-8 win at the end.

CW scores three trys – all converted – in the first half of the Premier game. Mitrou keeps the Bays within sight, with 4 penalty goals. In Half Two, the Dubbya’s notch two more trys – both again converted. At the end (I am told), CW 35 – JBAA 12.

Results from international play – Sevens and Fifteens – further chill the day. The Rugby Canada/IRB formula calls for replacing Canada’s previous successful “Pacific Pride” development program with a new formula: “Remove promising young players from Canada club competition earlier – subject them to advanced training and competition led by foreign rugby ‘experts’. Admittedly, this has diminished competition in Canadian club rugby – but is necessary (they say) to improve Canada’s showing at the international level.” To which – through chattering teeth – I ask; “What showing?”

Please don’t blame things on the players – either internationally, or on domestic fields! It is this crapped up RC/IRB foreigner-based formula that is producing lose/lose results – diminishing Canada’s success internationally – ripping the guts out of competition here at home.

So from this writer’s perspective, the only good part of the day was a warming meal of steak and oysters at Heron Rock Bistro, enjoyed at game’s end – or perhaps while the game was still walking toward its conclusion in the Juan de Fuca dusk.

Next week, Bays play at Nanaimo. CW travel to Lomas.

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