High School Rugby 2018

March 14 2018


High School Season Starts in 3 Weeks: Rankings, Schedules and Important Dates

The BC high school rugby season is on the horizon, teams are already into the exhibition games but it generally kicks off en masse in 3 weeks in the first week of April. The place to go for details is the BCSSRU.com website.


No surprise that Shawnigan is top ranked in the province and St. George's second. Also no surprise that a number of Fraser Valley schools are near the top in the AAA with Yale currently earning a #1 preseason ranking. Oak Bay are also a perennial contender. The AA rankings aren't out but expect to see Rockridge, St Michael's and Brentwood in the mix. Also no surprise to see Ian Hyde-Lay involved in the organizing. Good to see things ticking along as expected. These are the future national team players so exciting to see what emerging talent is on display.


The zone schedules can be found on the bcssru.com site, so we'll focus on the top 5 teams in the Premier competition. Those teams are Shawnigan, St. George's, Oak Bay, Carson Graham and Earl Marriott. The top 4 teams after the regular season go into the AAAA finals tournament. The 5th team drops down to the AAA division.

April 6
(St. G bye)

April 13
St. G vs CG
(SLS bye)

April 21-22  
BC Tier 1 Sevens (at St. Georges)  

April 27
St. G vs OB
(CG bye)

May 4
SLS vs St. G
CG vs OB
(EMS bye)

May 11
EMS vs St. G
(OB bye)  

May 17 – LM, FV and Island zone semifinals
May 23 – LM, FV and Island zone finals
May 30-June 2 - BC AA, AAA and AAAA Provincial Championships  

The Stadium Series also kicks off on April 6th, multiple games will be held at Centennial Stadium, Rotary Stadium, Swangard Stadium and other venues across BC.

Provincial Championships

After the zone semis and finals the provincial final tournament is scheduled for May 30 to June 2, it's usually held in Abbotsford at Rotary Stadium. Last year there were four AAAA teams with Shawnigan winning it all. There were 16 teams in AAA divided into Tier 1 and 2, Carson Graham won the Tier 1 AAA. AA were also divided into 8 Tier 1 and 8 Tier 2 teams, St. Michael's (SMUS) won the Tier 1 AA.

Provincial 7s Tournament

As usual the tournament takes place at St. George's and will be held April 21-22. No information yet on zone qualification or teams attending.


Claremont Secondary School in Victoria is hosting the 10th annual Scrum Fest exhibition rugby tournament on April 12-14. This event is open to school teams in the following categories:

Sr. Boys 15's (Grades 11 & 12)
Jr. Boys 15's (Grades 9 & 10)
Mixed Grades Girls 7's (Grades 9 -12)

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