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April 04 2018

Piggie Rugby Fest - June 22-24 2018

Piggie Rugby Fest June 22-24: 10s for Men, 7s for Women, Camping On Site

[ed. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement: I was promised free beer for posting this.]

If you're interested in some fun rugby over the summer, you should put the Piggie Rugby Fest on your calendar. It's held at the Cowichan rugby club in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. There's overnight camping on site and two rugby pitches to keep things going throughout the day. It's Friday June 22nd to Sunday June 24th.

Their official description is:
A weekend of onsite camping, live music, RUGBY, lawn games, beer and more RUGBY!!
Mens 10s, Womens 7s.
Hosted by the Cowichan Rugby Football Club, June 22-24th.

Visit their Facebook group page for more information and to make contact.

Warning photos of rugby players having fun may also be visible.

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