BC Summer Games - 2012

July 22 2012

BC Summer Games Rugby Results - Final Results

from BCRU files
posted July 22 2012

Boy's U14 Final Standings

1 Fraser Valley
2 Vancouver Island
3 Fraser Valley (2)

Boy's U14 Results: Friday - July 20

Fraser Valley(2) 5-29 Vancouver Island
Thompson-Okanagan 5-36 Vancouver-Squamish
Fraser Valley 31-0 Fraser Valley-Delta
Thompson-Okanagan 0-14 Fraser Valley(2)
Fraser Valley 17-14 Vancouver-Squamish
Fraser River-Delta 7-17 Vancouver Island
Vancouver Squamish 0-15 Fraser River-Delta
Fraser Valley(2) 7-24 Fraser Valley
Thompson-Okanagan 0-55 Vancouver Island

Boy's U14 Schedule: Saturday - July 21

Vancouver-Squamish 0-12 Fraser Valley(2)
Thompson-Okanagan 0-15 Fraser River-Delta
Fraser Valley 12-10 Vancouver Island
Thompson-Okanagan 0-42 Fraser Valley
Fraser Valley(2) 17-12 Fraser River-Delta
Vancouver-Squamish 0-28 Vancouver Island
Placement GAME 16: Fraser Valley 44-0 Thompson Okanagan
Placement GAME 17: Vancouver Island 33-7 Vancouver-Squamish
Placement GAME 18: Fraser Valley(2) 15-7 Fraser Valley-Delta

Boy's U14 Schedule: Sunday - July 22

Placement GAME 19: Fraser Valley 32-7 Fraser River-Delta
Placement GAME 20: Vancouver Island 19-5 Fraser Valley(2)
Placement GAME 21: Vancouver-Squamish 29-0 Thompson Okanagan
Placement GAME 21A: Vancouver-Squamish 27-5 Fraser River-Delta
5/6 Playoff : Fraser River-Delta 25-0 Thompson Okanagan
Bronze Final: Fraser Valley(2) 19-0 Vancouver-Squamish
Gold Final: Fraser Valley 12-5 Vancouver Island

Girls U17 Final Standings

1 Fraser Valley
2 Fraser Valley (2)
3 Vancouver Island

Girls U17 Results: Friday - July 20

North West 10-5 Vancouver Island
Fraser Valley(2) 27-5 Vancouver-Squamish
Fraser Valley 36-0 Fraser River-Delta
Fraser Valley(2) 27-0 North West
Fraser Valley 33-5 Vancouver-Squamish
Fraser River-Delta 0-34 Vancouver Island
Vancouver-Squamish 36-0 Fraser River-Delta
North West 0-36 Fraser Valley
Fraser Valley(2) 15-7 Vancouver Island

Girls U17 Schedule: Saturday, July 21

Vancouver-Squamish 12-12 North West
Fraser Valley(2) 20-0 Fraser River-Delta
Fraser Valley 14-5 Vancouver Island
Fraser Valley(2) 0-26 Fraser Valley
North West 15-10 Fraser River-Delta
Vancouver-Squamish 5-5 Vancouver Island
Placement GAME 16: Fraser Valley 53-0 Fraser River-Delta
Placement GAME 17: Fraser Valley(2) 17-12 North West
Placement GAME 18: Vancouver Island 20-0 Vancouver-Squamish

Girls U17 Schedule: Sunday, July 22

Placement GAME 19: Fraser Valley 36-7 Vancouver Squamish
Placement GAME 20: Fraser Valley(2) 22-0 Vancouver Island
Placement GAME 21: North West 17-5 Fraser River-Delta
Placement GAME 21A: North West 15-5 Vancouver-Squamish
5/6 Playoff: Vancouver-Squamish 29-5 Fraser River-Delta
Bronze Final: Vancouver Island 27-5 North West
Gold Final: Fraser Valley 29-5 Fraser Valley(2)

BC Summer Games 7s Rugby July 19-22 for Boys U14 and Girls U17

In order to avoid duplication of effort, we've channeled the BC Summer Games tryouts information to the BCRU. They have a webpage dedicated to contacts and tryouts. Contact Andrew Smith to add information at asmith@bcrugby.com. We've added a link on our front page to their BC Summer Games page, it's under Important Information on the right hand side.

The 2012 BC Summer Games will be held in Surrey from July 19-22. The tournament will feature seven-a-side rugby with regional teams from across BC.

The Boy's division will be for the Under-14 age grade (1998 and younger) and the Women's will be for Under-17s (1995 and younger).

For more information contact BC Rugby Provincial Coach and Development Manager Dave Brown at dbrown@bcrugby.com.

For more information on the 2012 BC Summer Games visit www.2012bcsummergames.ca


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